Signed and numbered in three editions
5 prints at 16" x 20"
10 prints at 11" x 14"
10 prints at 8" x 10"

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01: Stephen Varble in the Elizabethan Farthingale Dress, 1975

02: Stephen Varble in the Demonstration Costume with Only One Shoe
(for the Chemical Bank Protest), 1976

03: Stephen Varble in the Piggy Bank Dress, 1975

04: Stephen Varble at the 12th Annual Avant-Garde Festival, 1975

05: Stephen Varble in the Suit of Armor, 1975

06: Stephen Varble Dressing for the 12th Annual Avant-Garde Festival, 1975

07: Closing Party: Mario Montez, Paul Ambrose, Paul Martino, Agosto Machado,
and Jackie Curtis in a Performance with Varble’s Enormous Pink Satin Skirt, 1976

08: Ass on Fire: From the series: Invitation to the Gala Ending of an
Exhibition of Costumed Works by Stephen Varble, 1976

09: Stephen Varble and Peter Hugar, 1976

10: Stephen Varble sitting for a hologram at the 12th Annual Avant-Garde Festival, 1975

11: Divine in his New York apartment, 1976